All Day

The Hidden Museum, 2018

Lobby Gallery

With this installation, visitors are challenged to locate “hidden” works of art the Susquehanna Art Museum. You may not realize something is a work of art until you read the label. Even then, is it?

Project: Nature

Patricia L Murray Gallery

Project: Nature offers a sneak peek of the current VanGo! Museum on Wheels exhibition Nature in Art, which features the work of Victoria Fuller.

Mythologies of Motherhood

S. Wilson and Grace M. Pollock Education Center Gallery

Mythologies of Motherhood chronicles personal stories of artists currently raising children. The artwork included draws attention to the disparities between the "ideals" of motherhood and the realities of actual family dynamics.

Making Your Mark

Beverlee and Bill Lehr Gallery

Making Your Mark brings together a rich array of 52 works on paper, breaking down the various methods and materials used in modern artistic practice.

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