Project: Nature

Project: Nature offers a sneak peek of the current VanGo! Museum on Wheels exhibition Nature in Art, which features the work of Victoria Fuller. Fuller is a Chicago-based painter, sculptor, and natural science illustrator. Her work explores the interconnectedness of human and natural systems. Fuller purposefully constructs sculptures that resemble instructional museum displays so that their concepts are accessible, playful, and instructive.

Re-creating parts of nature lets me study their subject, discovering how a beehive functions, which insects feed on milkweed plants, or our planet’s location in the galaxy. . . . In learning to treat the planet with reverence and respect, we may – as a species – continue to survive.

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Victoria Fuller is a Chicago sculptor, painter, and natural science illustrator. Her educational background includes studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, Parson’s Paris Program in Paris, France, and a graduate degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fuller has been honored with fellowships from the Colorado Council for the Arts and Humanities and the Illinois Arts Council with appearances in galleries, museums, and public spaces Internationally. She has been awarded commissioned projects from private and community organizations such as Disney’s ESPN Zone, St. Louis’ Arts in Transit, and Seattle’s Sound Transit where she recently completed her 35’ bronze sculpture, Global Garden Shovel. Fuller is best known for Shoe of Shoes, a large-scale shoe-shaped sculpture comprised of thousands of aluminum high-heels in front of Brown Shoe Company, and for her large-scale sculpture, Canoe Fan, made from canoes forming a fan shape.

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Exhibition Details

Date: December 8, 2021- August 21, 2022

Gallery: Project Space

Exhibiting Artist: Victoria Fuller