All Day

The Hidden Museum, 2018

Lobby Gallery

With this installation, visitors are challenged to locate “hidden” works of art the Susquehanna Art Museum. You may not realize something is a work of art until you read the label. Even then, is it?

Alternative Means Necessary

S. Wilson and Grace M. Pollock Education Center Gallery

Alternative Means Necessary features alternative process work made by artists C. McCormick, Renee Romero, and Tamsen Wojtanowski. Alternative process photographs are created using non-commercial and unconventional printing methods.

Event Horizon

Project Space

Event Horizon features the work of artist and educator Leah Limpert Walt, in the SAM Project Space.

Souls Shot Portrait Project

Lobby Gallery

Souls Shot Portrait Project’s mission is to bring attention to and memorialize the lives lost and tragically altered due to gun violence. The Project began in Philadelphia and is grateful to be able to continue its mission in Harrisburg to represent those affected from other areas of the state.

Explore: Classroom Ephemera

DeSoto Family Vault

This collection of education ephemera by artist and educator Paul Nagle illustrates the variety of demonstrations art teachers utilize to help guide young artists.

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