Museum Programs

Coming to Life

Experiencing Art Firsthand

By engaging with original works of art, museum visitors can locate themselves within conceptual spaces that reference diverse human experiences.

Art Education at the Susquehanna Art Museum takes many forms and involves students of all ages! No experience in the arts compares with viewing the primary source – original works of art. Textures and materials come to life when students see works of art firsthand. Original works of art connect students (and visitors) to the historical and cultural context in which these artworks are made; provide a forum to understand art as way of communicating and reflecting important ideas and serve as inspiration for self-reflection.


Educational Opportunities

Adult Classes

We strive to inspire life-long learning in visitors of all ages through unique educational experiences with original and significant artworks. Adult Classes at Susquehanna Art Museum are designed to engage both artists (and art appreciators) of all levels in dialog, creation, and critical thinking.

Youth Classes

Youth Classes at Susquehanna Art Museum offer a space for young artists to connect with original artwork through age-appropriate exploration of creative processes. We provide opportunities for kids to consider the artist as well as the various contexts that impacted the artist’s process. Finally, trained art educators lead them through artmaking techniques ranging from traditional to the innovative.

School Visits

Schools and student groups from our community and throughout our region schedule visits to SAM during the school year and summer. School visits are uniquely customized to make connections between our current exhibitions and the students’ existing curricular goals.

Digital Content

One of the greatest challenges facing the Susquehanna Art Museum during the Covid-19 pandemic is having to restrict access to the museum and the original works of art on view. Now you can explore our exhibits and interactive educational content from the comfort of your own living room or classroom.

Partner in Art Education

Artistic Expressions

The mission of Artistic Expressions is to bring together students from a multitude of different secondary schools with aspirations and endeavors in the fine arts within exhibition opportunities, collaborative events and education.