Valarie Moyer’s Dolls

It’s a Doll’s Life

Valarie Moyer

“It all started with my grandmother, Bubbie, many years ago. The joy of playing around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a doll to share. We had coffee parties, rather than tea parties. Bubbie would make a cup of Sanka, I would have a cup of hot milk tinted with Sanka. The tradition now continues with my own grandchildren. We share tea and dolls, and coffee and dolls.

I love dolls! I love most dolls! As a matter of fact, I have over 800 dolls in my collection. I collect antique, vintage, artist, and contemporary dolls. My criterion for collecting is based on the connection of the doll with my inner person. I wait for the item to speak to me.

To add to the fun, I also collect dollhouses, miniatures, and make and restore dolls. One might say I am obsessed with dolls. Well, it’s a doll life, my friends.”

Memories & Inspiration: The Kerry and C. Betty Davis Collection of African American Art is organized and toured by International Arts & Artists.

Collections and Memory

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