Marilyn Kauffman’s Elephants

Elephant Story

Marilyn Kauffman

“My name is Marilyn Derr Kauffman and I am 88 years old. As growing up an only child my best friends were books. Once while recuperating from a nasty bout of flu, I was given a book by a friend of my mother’s, ‘Elephant Walk.’ It was an exciting and glorious story that spoke very respectfully of the true world of elephant life. The love of family, memories of past encounters never to be forgotten, determination to protect the lives of the family. The elephants in the story were determined to achieve the best and safest way for all. I was captured. Today I have over 100 elephant replicas, many sizes, colors, materials, all around my home. They make me smile. They make me happy. I support Elephant Rescue non profits. Life is a blessing.”

Memories & Inspiration: The Kerry and C. Betty Davis Collection of African American Art is organized and toured by International Arts & Artists.

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