In the Vault

What will you create on your 4” x 12” magnet?

Artists of all levels and abilities were invited to participate in a group exhibition of small works in the Susquehanna Art Museum’s historic bank vault! Because the original bank vault walls are lined with steel, the 4” x 12” submissions were created on magnetic templates. The magnet shape was selected for the vault because of its reference to the measurements of currency notes. The theme was open- the results are as unique as the artists!

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Exhibition Details

Date: December 9, 2016 – February 19, 2017

Venue: Vault Gallery

Exhibiting Artists: Reference List Below


Mark Allison
Sean Arce
Boys of Unit E, Lucas County Ohio Juvenile Detention Center, Douglas Beard
Kathleen H. Becker
Bryan T. Bowman
Sherry Bowman
Cary Brooks
Eric Brown
Allison Brubaker
Matthew Byers
Pamela Duignan
Charlie Feathers
Camryn Freeland
Paul Gallo
Patricia M. Geils
Sydney George
Melanie Glass
Macolm Hamer
Ed Hans
Breanne Havener
Ian Havener
Lessa Helm
Nicole Herbert
Sarah Herlia
Liz Hobbs
Mary Hochendoner
Daniel Kalbach
Alissa King
Christy Nye Hoover
Grace Hoover

Anna Novak
Sri Koya
Christopher Martin
Johanna Martin
Elissa Marzzarella
Nancy Mendes
Jon Menkis
Megan Menkis
Marty McIntyre
Jacob Muldowney
Ryan Muldowney
Lauren Nye
Natalie M. Nye
Justin Nye
Frank Nye
Dreon Olivetti
Jessica Raber
Gerry Regan
Victoria Revene
Sierra Rodgers
Shushana Rucker
Zachary D. Rudy
C.W. Sawyer
Anson Seeno
Robert Shelley
Aric Sites
Ryan Spahr
Romona Rrose Spahr
Louise Thomas
Stacy Treier
Ross Tyger
Ted Walke
Yaroslava Zamoyska

Third in the Burg

Friday, December 16, 2016
6:00 -9:00 pm
Free Admission
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