The Hidden Museum, 2018

Lobby Gallery

With this installation, visitors are challenged to locate “hidden” works of art the Susquehanna Art Museum. You may not realize something is a work of art until you read the label. Even then, is it?

Fleeting Pleasures

Beverlee and Bill Lehr Gallery

Fleeting Pleasures features work by some of the best known and most important ukiyo-e artists exploring this “floating world” of sensuous Edo culture.

Deep Roots: Ornamentation and Identity

Beverlee and Bill Lehr Gallery

Deep Roots: Ornamentation and Identity features the work of artists Kuzana Ogg, Cecilia Paredes, Daisy Patton, Helice Wen, and Helen Zughaib.

Lies & Redactions: A Survey

Lobby Gallery

Doug Navarra’s extended investigation of mark-making has evolved to include historic found documents, bold minimalistic redactions, and layered geometric patterns. Lies and Redactions: A Survey features work from 2006 – 2021, spanning numerous distinct series in the artist’s career.


DeSoto Family Vault

Cojiform is a multidisciplinary interactive art project by Pittsburgh-based artist Isaac Bower. This unique installation, on view in the Susquehanna Art Museum DeSoto Family Vault, combines sculpture and creative problem-solving.

Alternative Means Necessary

S. Wilson and Grace M. Pollock Education Center Gallery

Alternative Means Necessary features alternative process work made by artists C. McCormick, Renee Romero, and Tamsen Wojtanowski. Alternative process photographs are created using non-commercial and unconventional printing methods.

Event Horizon

Project Space

Event Horizon features the work of artist and educator Leah Limpert Walt, in the SAM Project Space.

I’m Still Black: Osmyn Oree

DeSoto Family Vault

Frustrated by the limiting stereotypes imposed on Black individuals, artist Osmyn Josef Oree depicts the diversity and depth of Black expression via photography.

Intent/Content: Celebrating Women Artists

Beverlee and Bill Lehr Gallery

Each woman artist in Intent/Content follows in the footsteps of pioneers, bringing previously unheard artistic voices into the mainstream.

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