Artist Talk – Valerie Dillon

Join artist Valerie Dillon to discuss Meanderings, her exhibition of printmaking in the DeSoto Family Vault! The talk is free with standard admission. It will begin at 3pm with q&a to follow.

With these pieces, Dillon illustrates her journey of shifting between known and unknown spaces. She “meanders” between familiar methods and experimentation with a combination of traditional materials and deconstructed found objects. This process is intuitive, with no strictly planned composition. A variety of dynamic combinations of shapes, colors, and patterns are the result. The artist relinquishes control and relies on her artmaking experience to organically guide the process, embracing the beauty and excitement of moving into unexplored spaces.


Event Details

Date: August 8, 2021

Time: 3:00 PM

Venue: DeSoto Family Vault at Susquehanna Art Museum