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Works in Wax: Contemporary Women Encaustic Artists

There is an encaustic revival as a contemporary art medium in the 21st century. This exhibition features a group of twelve women artists who use the medium in various ways, utilizing the encaustic tradition in conversation with contemporary sculpture, painting, photography and collage.

Ancient Ink

DeSoto Family Vault

Photographer Mark Perrott has spent the past several decades documenting the ever-expanding group of tattooed Americans. Perrott turns his camera to the diminishing population of highly decorated and graying Americans in his current series, ANCIENT INK.

Margins and the Height of the Sun

Lobby Gallery

Margins and the Height of the Sun is comprised of a body of work Elaine Elledge created as she worked to find balance between her life as an artist and full-time parent, while also seeking a diagnosis for an unknown medical condition. Using everyday items such as cheesecloth, gauze, paper, and fabric, her work explores the depth and complexity of motherhood, the frailty of the human body, and what it means to cultivate through care and relinquish control.

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